THE way to keep the extra fat off forever…

So you want to lose weight?  That’s great!  So does everybody I know.  What is the secret?  Why do some people manage to look awesome into their 40’s and beyond, while others struggle even in their adolescent years and in their 20’s?  Granted, some people are just born with good genes.  I’m not talking about them.  Those people don’t impress me all that much, because they don’t have to earn it like the rest of us.  I’m talking about people like me.  I come from a family that struggles with extra weight.  I used to be “chubby” myself.  However, there is ONE thing that causes some people to rise above and beyond those limitations.  Are you ready?  The answer is a burning desire to be HEALTHY, not just lose weight.  A healthy, fit lifestyle is dramatically different than a weight loss lifestyle.  I meet people all the time who lose weight and then gain it all back again because of that “diet” mentality.  If you want to be fit, then get off that diet (diet is just die with a t on the end).  Learn how to eat properly for life.  I will discuss good nutrition in future postings, but for now, work on why you want to be fit first.  The only real motivator that will last the duration is a commitment to a lifestyle of health and fitness – not simply the desire to be skinny.  Go ahead – make the promise now – I’ll wait.  Say to yourself “I (fill in the blank) from this day forward commit to a healthy, fit lifestyle of proper nutrition, resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and stretching so that I will be able to enjoy my life and fulfill the purpose for which I was created”.  Then date it, sign it, and put it somewhere where you will see it. 

Good for you!  I’m proud of you.  Join me next time for more motivation and tips as to how to live the fit lifestyle.  See you then!

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