Secret to Success

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself” — Dr. Joyce Brothers. 

 This is a powerful success principle.  The way you see yourself is vital to the outcome in any endeavour.  Do you see yourself as a loser who will never accomplish anything in life?  Well, guess what?  That’s probably what you are.  I don’t mean that to sound harsh… I’m just being honest.  You might have had a horrible childhood with parents who put you down.  If so, I’m sorry that you experienced that.  However, as an adult it is your responsibility to re-program you mind with positive thoughts.  Get out of that victim-mentality, and rise above those demeaning, degrading beliefs about yourself that hold you back.  Tell yourself the truth… that you are unique; you have a purpose in this life that only you can fulfill; you are loveable; you can succeed.  This is true for every one of us walking this earth, but most people choose to believe the lies and “old tapes” that were programmed in their minds earlier in life. 

For those of you who don’t know, I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work with about 10 years experience working in counseling settings before becoming a personal trainer.  You will find that I have a unique insight and perspective into human behavior because of this combination of training and experience.  So, don’t be surprised if I talk about some of these deeper counseling-type issues in future blogs.  It is my hope that something I say will touch the heart and possibly change the life of those who read these blogs regularly.  I look forward to building this relationship with you, so please keep visiting! 

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