The Perfect Workout for Busy People

I had a great question posed to me yesterday:  are there any exercises I can do at home to help me lose weight?  The answer is yes!!!  You really don’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout.  With a few tools and a little know-how, you can really give yourself a killer workout at home. 

 My suggestion to her was to do compound exercises, which works more than one muscle group at a time (combining a squat with a bicep curl for example).  By doing this, you can give yourself a total-body resistance training workout in a short amount of time.  It also burns more calories at once when you use several muscle groups together.  Another benefit is that it feels like a cardio workout, especially when you do one exercise immediately after another with little break. (this website has pictures and explanations of what I’m talking about)

Granted, this is a bit advanced if you are new to exercising.  If you currently don’t exercise at all, I would suggest beginning with some basic moves like squats, lunges, push-ups (on your knees is fine if you are just starting out), crunches, bridging, leg lifts, hip raises, etc.  If you don’t “have time” for a structured workout, then at least do a few exercises while watching TV; get up and run the stairs during commercials.  Be creative.  There are a lot of ways to “sneak” in activity during the day.  However, eventually you will have to graduate beyond this beginner’s level in order to continue seeing results.  For a reminder, visit my blog on the F.I.T.T principle.  You need to strive toward increasing frequency, intensity, time, or type of exercise in order for your body to continue responding.  Good luck.  Thanks for the question. 

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  1. harmonia Says:

    Great blog you have here! I’ll be back!

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