How I lost weight, maintained it for over 5 years, and transformed my body

I would like to share my personal weight loss story with you.  I figured out how to not only lose weight, not only maintain my weight, but completely transform my body inside and out!  It all started with my 30th birthday, which was almost 6 years ago (my birthday is October 18th).  Before that time, I was pretty much like everyone else… always trying to lose those stubborn 10 to 15 pounds.  I was a size 8 and had been for about 10 years.  (I graduated high school wearing a size 12, actually).  I finally got to the point that I just accepted my size 8 self & decided that I would focus on my health instead of my weight.   I read a book called What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Dr. Rex Russell.  He’s a doctor who struggled with his own health issues & disease.  He decided to go back to the Bible and to God for the answers.  Since He’s the One who created these bodies, He’s the One who should know how to fix them.  Sounds logical to me.  Anyway, this was my first real exposure to whole foods.  It completely changed the way I view food, eating, and my body.  Another book I read at that time is called Sculpting Her Body Perfect by Brad Schoenfeld.  This is the first real book I had read that teaches proper strength training technique.  So, armed with these two resources – my life changed… one meal at a time; one workout at a time.  At first I didn’t see too much difference, but since I wasn’t really looking for any dramatic change right away – I was patient.  I was more into doing this for my health sake and for aging better than for being “buff”.  However, lo and behold, somewhere between 3 to 6 months into it… EVERYONE noticed!!  I remember going to the mall and trying on shorts.  A size 4 fit me perfectly!!!!!  I could have sworn I came out of the womb a size 8, so there are no words to express my complete shock! 

 I am still wearing a size 4.  I’m 5’6″ and usually weigh somewhere between 123 and 128.  I continue to work toward sculpting my muscles, which is now my hobby and passion.  My other passion is helping others (I do have a Master’s degree in Social Work, which is called “The Helping Profession”).  So, this is how I became a trainer and why I want to help others be free of their life-long struggle with weight.  It really is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be.  For me, the answer was found in shifting my focus from weight to my health and taking care of my body for the right reasons.   I hope it inspires you to do the very same thing.  For more about me, visit my website at

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