Why does America have such a weight problem?

The answer won’t surprise you.  It’s called OVEREATING.  If you over eat, your body has no choice but to store the excess as body fat.  Did you know that for the average person, 500 calories per meal is sufficient?  Too much more than that, and you guessed it… your body stores it away as fat.  However, I think most people have absolutely no idea how many calories they consume when they eat.  If you think you are being served the proper portion sizes in restaurants… think again!  Most of the time you are served 3 or 4 times the amount your body really needs!!!  I was talking to my client yesterday about the typical restaurant meal:  bread, appetizer, your entree, dessert, and a couple of glasses of wine.  We were trying to guesstimate just about how many calories would be in a meal like this.  I figure that one piece of bread has about 150 calories, and if you split the loaf with your spouse – then guess what?  You just ate your entire meal’s worth of calories in the bread alone before the main dish ever arrives.  We guessed that it would be VERY easy to eat in excess of 3,000 calories per meal at a restaurant.  Did you know that it takes 3,500 calories to gain one pound of fat?  So, if you eat like this several times a week – then it’s absolutely NO WONDER why your body is storing fat. 

Please listen to me… WATCH YOUR PORTION SIZES CAREFULLY.  Choose foods that are nutrient dense & calorie poor – and not the other way around.  Send the bread basket away.  When the meal comes, box up part of it ahead of time so you won’t be tempted to eat the whole thing.  Either avoid dessert, or split it with someone else.  I am actually fortunate that I never acquired the taste of alcohol, because drinking will cause you to put on pounds quicker than anything.  If you’re going to drink, then do it in moderation – even if it’s for no other reason than to watch your weight. 

These tips will help you to avoid overeating, but most of all watch your hunger/full signals carefully.  It’s sometimes difficult to stop eating when we’re full in social situations, because we’re tempted to keep eating when we see others still eating.  If you’re full, put your fork down and enjoy the conversation.  I know these things require discipline, but when you do them long enough they become habit, and it truly does get easier. 

For more tips and information, visit www.fitnessforwomeningeorgia.com.

2 Responses to “Why does America have such a weight problem?”

  1. douglaspaulwade Says:

    Thanks for the information. I did not know that 3,500 calories is equal to one pound. I did notice that you are a believer! That is great, it appears a lot of the “fitness” tagged blogs are Christian, mostly women. Which I find encouraging! – D

  2. fitnesspro Says:

    Yes, I am a believer… and it’s nice to hear from another believer! I hadn’t noticed that a lot of fitness tags are from Christian women… that is very encouraging! My Christian beliefs and passion for fitness go hand in hand, because I view it as my responsibility to take care of this body I’ve been given on this earth – not to abuse it or take it for granted. My health is truly a blessing that I want to preserve as long as I can!

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