Another weight loss challenge…

I just read a blog the other day that suggested that ANYONE can lose weight if they would just eat less and exercise more.  Theoretically, yes, this is true.  However, and this is a BIG however, some people will necessarily have a harder time shedding those unwanted fat pounds than others.  The reason?  Body type. 

 There are 3 primary body types, and most of us fall somewhere in between 2 of the 3 types.  First, there is the ectomorph… you know the type… long, thin limbs and torso – picture Paris Hilton.  Those are the people who can virtually eat anything and not worry about putting on weight.  The second type is called the mesomorph.  These are the people who have a more athletic frame and can put on some muscle.  These people can also manage their weight pretty well through diet and exercise.  Then there’s the third type:  endomorphs.  These are the ones who have to ALWAYS watch what they put into their mouths, and never, ever, ever miss a workout – and MAYBE they’ll lose a little weight.  However, if they even blow it with one big meal… watch out.  As I said, most people fall somewhere in between these 3 extreme body types. 

 I feel like I need to say this because our culture tends to put more value and worth into people who are “skinny” and shun those who may be on the heavy side, as if these people totally lack discipline or something.  I want to say that I have seen firsthand that there are MANY reasons people struggle with their weight.  Yes, sometimes it is a lack of discipline, but other times it is due to factors that might be outside their control – like body type, or other circumstancial or emotional issues.  We as a society should not be so quick to judge others based on weight.  We definitely should not judge our own sense of self worth based on weight or any other kind of physical appearance.  Our worth comes from the inside out – not the outside in. 

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