Mindless Eating

This is the name of a book that I plan to read in the near future, because I’ve read so many articles that reference it.  It’s by Brian Wansink.  Basically, he theorizes that Americans are led into patterns of overeating due to marketing, social, cultural, and lifestyle influences.  Basically, because of this we are led to eating at least 200 more calories a day than we would have otherwise.  For example, how many times are you tempted to eat unhealthy snacks while watching television?  The commercials entice us to eat or drink those yummy foods, and before long we’ve eaten half a bag of potato chips before the sitcom is even over while hardly even tasting it! 

According to an article I read about this book, Wansink says that we make over 200 food-related decisions every single day!!!  This includes what to eat, where to eat, when to eat, how many bites to take, etc, etc.  Most of the time, we are multi-tasking while eating, so we don’t even realize we’re making these decisions. 

 If you’re serious about being fit, then it’s time to make eating a conscious behavior.  Don’t eat in front of the television; eat at the table only at predetermined times of the day (i.e. meal times and snacks).  Plan healthy meals, and make the table setting attractive so the meal is more enjoyable.  Avoid the candy, popcorn, and coke at the movie theater.  It’s worth the effort to find ways to enjoy the process of eating, while being mindful and purposeful about what you are choosing to put in your mouth. 

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