Formula For Workout Success

S = D x (T + N + R)

S – Success; D – Determination; T – Training; N – Nutrition; R – Rest

I saw this formula in a book called The Body-Sculpting Bible For Women, and I agree with this wholeheartedly!  If you want to succeed in achieving the new body you’ve always dreamed of, then the main thing you need is determination above all else!!  If you are not completely determined, then you will only give your training and nutrition a half-hearted effort, which won’t take you very far.  You may only do one set instead of 3.  You might swing the weights with lots of momentum instead of reaching the full contraction & release of the muscle.  You might spend most of your time between sets talking to friends (instead of a 1 to 3 minute rest – it becomes a 10 – 15 minute rest).  You might spend your time on the treadmill hanging on to the machine.  Does any of this sound familiar?  Then there’s rest.  This is EXTREMELY important… it is part of the equation.  If you place your body under vigorous physical, mental, and emotional stress, then adequate rest and relaxation is imperative in order to keep your hormones (especially cortisol) in check.  Extremely high levels of cortisol have been connected with fat storage – especially around the mid-section.  So, training, nutrition, and rest are very important.  However, without determination to reach your goals, then you won’t succeed.  Remind yourself often why you want to do be fit.  Put a picture of yourself on the refrigerator with a list of reasons to get fit right underneath it.  This will serve as a steady reminder and inspiration for you.  The fit lifestyle is not an easy one, but it is totally worthwhile! 

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