Are you an emotional eater?

I have found that the 3 main culprits for weight gain are overeating, mindless eating, and emotional eating.  Take this quiz to see if you are an emotional eater:

  1. Do you think about food often or all the time?
  2. Do you eat to relieve tension, worry, or upsets?
  3. Do you eat when you’re bored?
  4. Do you continue to eat after you feel full, sometimes to the point of feeling sick?
  5. Does eating relieve your anxiety?
  6. Do you eat without thinking?
  7. Do you have to clean your plate?
  8. Do you eat in secret or hide food?
  9. Do you eat quickly, shoving in the food?
  10. Do you feel guilty after you eat?
  11. Do you eat small portions in front of people, but go back for more food when people aren’t around?
  12. Do you binge (eat large amounts of food in a short time)?
  13. Can you eat one serving, or do you eat the entire amount (a bag of cookies, or the whole half gallon of ice cream)?
  14. Do you feel out of control and impulsive when eating?
  15. Do you eat when you’re not physically hungry?
  16. Do you lie to yourself about how much you really eat?
  17. Do you have trouble tolerating negative feelings?
  18. Do you have impulse problems in other areas of your life (shopping, gambling, sex, alcohol, pornography, drugs)?
  19. Have you been on numerous diets over the years?
  20. Do you experience constant weight fluctuations?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, then your emotions often trigger your desire to eat.  In order to address this, you need to get to the bottom of why you are eating.  Most often, there are some unresolved emotional issues in your life that you need to deal with in order to stop the cycle of emotional eating.

(This quiz was taken from Lose it For Life by Steve Arterburn and Linda Mintle).

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