Do you sabotage your weight loss?

I facilitate a weekly weight loss class/support group, and last week we had a very interesting discussion.  We talked about how many of us sabotage ourselves whenever we get close to reaching our “ideal weight”.  Someone mentioned how she has a “magic number” on the scale that she wants to weigh.  She can do very well with her eating, but then when she comes within a few pounds of that number, she will intentionally start over-eating and binging again.  She knows that she does that, but she doesn’t know why.  Others mentioned that, although they are far from their ideal weight, they will only get so far and then do something to “blow their diet”.  I mentioned how weight is “easy” to fix, because you know that all you have to do is follow a plan or a program.  However, a lot of the time, the “weight problem” really disguises a much deeper emotional issue that is not quite so easy to fix.  Therefore, if we can keep ourselves distracted with weight – never quite being able to succeed – then it will prevent us from really having to deal with the deeper issues.  In other words, we sabotage ourselves so that we will always just keep our focus on the weight problem.  Emotional issues are often VERY deeply routed and require a non-judgmental outside party (usually a counselor or therapist) who can see things in us that we can’t see ourselves. 

So, I challenge you to think about this.  Are you sabotaging yourself with your “weight problem” in order to avoid dealing with the much deeper emotional hurts that need to be resolved?  Just a little “food for thought”…

2 Responses to “Do you sabotage your weight loss?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Great Post,

    Allow me to present a slight variation to the idea that someone would sabotage their weight loss in order to avoid dealing with underlying emotional issues, as many do.

    The variation goes like this…Perhaps it is not the emotional problem that keeps people “hanging on” as much as the habits that have produced their overweight situation have BECOME A PART OF WHO THEY ARE….

    Is it not true that each and every one of us adopts self defeating habits throughout the years that become so ingrained into our identities that, although we know they are cheating us out of a better life, we can’t fully bring ourselves to give them up? Or someone deep inside ourselves we don’t fully WANT to give them up…

    A prime example of this is having that huge bowl of chocolate ice cream before you go to bed. You know that you shouldn’t do it, but you have done it for so long, it tastes so good, and it makes you feel great that it becomes a tough habit to break. It becomes a part of who you are!

    How do you break the self defeating habits? Science has showing that the more you choose against any self defeating habit the weaker it gets…Your nervous system actually begins to crave it less!

    Begin today to choose against your bad eating habits and lifestyle choices and adopt a much more empowering alternative…Envision yourself fitting into those jeans or that bikini you always wanted to wear. At first, it may seem like a challenge. However, do it enough and you will begin to create a new, empowering habit. This will lead you directly to your goal!

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